Oops! Class

Whoops! ONLINE 

Sunday March 29 at 10am-12pm 

Ready to learn how to fix mistakes in knitting? Whether a refresher or new to fixing mistakes, this class will increase confidence in dealing with those Whoops! moments. Instead of a disaster, mistakes can be an opportunity to use newly learned skills.

Class Fee: $25 (excluding tax)

Register: HERE

· Spaces left for “Whoops” Class, Sunday, March 29: 5

Expect to learn about:

  • stitch orientation
  • stitch recognition in stitch patterns
  • “tinking” and “frogging”
  • how to fix dropped stitches
  • how to fix stitch pattern mistakes


  • US size 8 needles
  • light colored worsted weight yarn
  • small crochet hook (size F or G)

Online Class: To participate in this class, you will need to access Zoom on your desktop or via the mobile app. Once registered, you will receive an email invitation with link to the class.