knitting notions pouch

As we jumpstart the summer KAL/CAL this week I find myself setting up my notions and project bag with all of the “necessities” I think I will need to complete my project. I want to share with you some of the items often found in my notions bag. knitting notions pouch

  1. Tape measure: Don’t we all need these everywhere we go? I have pulled mine out in the most random of places. But you can always use one. My latest find are these adorable sheep tape measures from The Sexy Knitter. They are 40″ in length and cost $5.50. I have a variety of colors available.
  2. Needle Protectors: If you’re like me, you always use circular needles. And my favorite way to keep the needles safe is to use one of the Needle Keepers that hold both needles (up to a US size 9) protected and keeps those stitches on the cables. These come in a variety of colors (I like to match mine to my project!) and cost$8.50. (I like these better than point protectors because I lose those!)
  3. Snips: If you travel or just don’t want bulky scissors taking up precious space in your notions pouch, Snips from Hiya Hiya are the perfect little pair of scissors to keep at your side. For $5.50 they are offered in colorful puppy, kitty, or octopus options. These little snips are perfect for “snipping” those yarn ends when you’ve woven them in.
  4. Row Counter: If you’re tired of the old post it notes or marking up your pattern each time you work a row, try a digital ring row counter. Available in a variety of colors, at $5.00 it’s a great little tool you can wear on your hand and click each time you finish a row. It has a replaceable battery inside and works much like a calculator. It will turn off when it has sat idle for a while, and return back to the number you stopped on when you click the next row.