Socktober: Norlander Alpaca Socks


Socktober is a great time to celebrate all things sock!

Whether you are a tried and true sock knitter, (I am looking at you Tracy), or you haven’t tried knitting socks yet … we can all agree having toasty warm feet when it is cold out is a MUST!

What better way to celebrate Socktober than to announce that Yarnability is now a retailer for Norlander Alpaca Socks!

Norlander Alpaca socks are soft, luxurious, yet durable and come in a range of colors and styles. You owe it to yourself to try Norlander Alpaca Socks and they make an excellent gift.

A little product info:

  • Alpacas have hollow fiber fleece which provides superior temperature regulation. This means your feet won’t be too hot or too cold when you wear Norlander Socks. Alpaca holds warmth against the skin without overheating. Unlike other natural fibers, alpaca does not contain lanolin and is hypoallergenic. This means Norlander Alpaca Socks do not feel scratchy on your skin. Our alpaca socks are so smooth, they can be worn against the skin without any irritation. Alpaca fiber is also naturally moisture wicking and odor resistant.

Yarnability carries sizes:

  • Small, (Adult Men 3.5-7/Adult Women 5-8.5)
  • Medium (Adult Men 7.5-11/Adult Women 9-12.5),
  • Large (Adult Men 11.5-14/Adult Women 13-15)
  • Crew style
  • heavyweight alpaca socks
  • $24/pair


  • My husband has THREE pair. It started as only two pair, so that he could wear one while the first pair were being washed. Well, now we have a third “emergency pair” because he never wants to be stuck in the winter without these socks!
  • Dealing with arthritis and neuropathy, these socks are comfortable and relieve the discomfort in my feet.