Happy 4th Yarn-iversary

Happy Yarn-iversary

Four years ago I took over ownership of Yarnability opening the door on March 22, 2017.

Last year (2020) the third Yarn-iversary was not celebrated as we were engrossed in the throes of an uncertain time. My doors were closed, and my computer was fully open. We were all in the midst of changing course.

Interestingly, a 3rd anniversary is traditionally represented by the gift of leather. The leather symbolizes flexible durability. As in most relationships in life (marriage, work, friendships..) we must all at some point become flexible while maintaining our strength.

My flexibility came in changing my business model when I did not plan it. I had to figure out how to keep a tight-knit community of yarn enthusiasts stitched together when we could no longer be in person at the table every week. We discovered the word Zoom…and it no longer meant to go fast. We learned how to operate video camera settings and the use of the mute button!

We managed to figure out how to continue living together, but apart. And with that we maintained our durability.

This year (2021) I celebrate my 4th Yarn-iversary!!!! The traditional representation of a 4th anniversary is fruit or flowers. These symbolize blossoms, to grow from working together.

As we are all moving forward from our flexible durability of 2020, we will emerge together flourishing in 2021.

I extend my deepest and sincerest gratitude to every one of you reading this note that has supported myself and Yarnability – not just this past year, but in the past 4 years. Support has come to me in so many ways far beyond store purchases.


The 4th Yarn-iversary! March 24-31, 2021

  • Stop by Yarnability to celebrate with $5 and $10 yarn bins!
  • Custom Yarnability leather garment tags FREE with any purchase (while supplies last).
  • Spend $100 and be entered to win a Muud Leather Saturn XL project bag!