Skill Building: Goodreader for iPad

Knit Tips - GoodReader
October 2, 2022 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Do you still print out your patterns? Are they covered with sticky notes, pencil markings, and highlighter scribbles!?

Join me on Sunday October 2 or Sunday November 13 at 1pm-3pm to learn how to clear away all of that paper use and optimize your iPad using the Goodreader app. Unlike other apps made for pattern reading, this app is a one time low-cost app that is great for many other document needs aside from knitting and crochet. (But…we know the stitching portion is the most important!)

In this class you will learn how to sync your Ravelry or Dropbox library to the Goodreader app. You can sort and manage your patterns by category. We will discuss how to organize your pattern with markings, digital sticky notes, personalization tools, and still keep your pattern copies saved with and without annotations!


  1. Charge your iPad fully before this class. (This app also works on iPhone and iPod Touch)
  2. Download the Goodreader app through the iTunes library. You want the app that is paid for. (The free version is limited in function.)
  3. Know your Ravelry and Dropbox login information and passwords.