Cash Rewards!

Cash Rewards

One of the most common questions I receive is… “How is business?”

One hindrance to small business these days are the escalating fees placed upon businesses when credit/debit cards are used as payment for transactions.


  • A customer buys a $50 gift card and uses a card in the store. The card processor will take 2.6% of that transaction plus 10 cents. Therefore, the card sale of this $50 gift card purchase reduces the store profit to $48.60.
  • Online sales and invoice fees are even higher. That same $50 gift card purchased online reduces the store profit to $48.25
  • If a customer uses a card to purchase products in store equal to $100, the transaction is automatically reduced to $97.30.
    • If ten people repeat this transaction during the same day, the card processing company takes $27 for the day.
    • If this occurs every day that the shop is open during a typical month, the store loses $430+ that month in card fees alone as the card processing fees snowball.

I try to keep the cost of yarn, needles, hooks, and notions affordable and competitive to online sources. Starting November 1, 2023 in an attempt to keep these costs reasonable, Yarnability will be encouraging customers to use cash when paying for purchases to help reduce this monthly loss. When you pay in cash rather than a card, you will be entered into a monthly drawing for a $25 Yarnability gift card drawn at the end of the month.

We appreciate all purchases made at Yarnability, and will continue to accept credit/debit card payments.